Off-season weddings are becoming increasingly popular and there are good reasons to get married in autumn or winter: the choice to get married off-season offers many advantages, both for decoration and atmosphere as well as for the wallet, the choice of suppliers (as they are much less likely to be fully booked during these periods) and fewer guests will be on holiday. Getting married around the holidays or on a public holiday also has its advantages. Suddenly the holiday is your holiday, double up! In addition, many people take time off around the holidays, so you could just celebrate your wedding on weekdays!

Autumn and winter offer a lot of atmosphere and romance.

Autumn is known for its beautiful colours and winter is synonymous with rapprochement and long conversations by the fire. Transform our rustic spaces into a cocooning, comfortable and enchanting atmosphere with, for example, thick carpets, floor cushions, plaids, armchairs and fleece blankets outside on the sofas or in a completely glamorous atmosphere. Choose warm colours, candles, indirect lighting, fire baskets outside and crackling fire in our large fireplaces for the total atmosphere in combination with, for example, hot chocolate with marshmallows, a soup bar, mulled wine bar or grilled chestnut bar. It's the details that will make up the charm of the setting for a fairytale atmosphere every time.

Another advantage of this period is the beautiful light and colours that nature has. Totally cool for your photo shoot! When you're lucky that a few snowflakes fall, the wedding pictures become truly magical.

It makes you dream, doesn't it?
Do you see a marriage of winter charms before you at Lagut? We do. We...